Once your tattoo is done, it's not too hard to make sure it heals the best that it can. And it is worth the few days of special care after all that cost and discomfort it took to get it.

Twice per day wash it gently with a mild, natural soap using just your fingertips. Rinse and make sure when you dry off to pat (not brush/scrape) the tattooed area.

Many different tattoo artists will recommend different aftercare methods and creams but we recommend that you use Bepanthen nappy rash cream as we have found it most successful to avoid scabbing and ensuring smooth healing. You don't want a scab to form so use a little bit of cream after washing and rub in gently. After 4 - 5 days switch to a natural or organic, unscented lotion like e45 to keep the skin moisturized. No matter how much it itches, don't scratch it.

While tattoos are healing, you want to avoid skin trauma. This can include clothes that rub the area too much, any activities where the tattoo would get hit hard, anything that scrapes or scratches the healing surface and heavily sweating. Sweat is how the body cools itself and gets rid of toxins. That toxic sweat can cause your new tattoo to become infected.

Until the entire surface is healed you want to avoid any swimming or soaking in a hot tub!

Now and for the rest of your life, your tattoo needs as much sun protection as it can get. If the surface is still raw, do not put sunscreen on it, as it can can skin irritation. Keep it covered with soft clothing and out of the sun. Sunburn causes tattoos to lose colors or fade in intensity, and it can make fine lines and details turn blurry.