The actual tattoo process is the most exciting part. It's also the most painful. But here are a few suggestions to help you hang in there.

Try not to move around to much, or watch what the artist is doing. Any sudden movements on your part may result in a permanent mistake! Be sure to ask your tattooist to stop if you suddenly realize you have to cough or sneeze.

Bring along water or juice for you to drink. With larger pieces, sometimes people find they like to take a break and have a small snack to help them get through the process.

If there is music you really like to listen to, bring along some earphones and your portable music player.

If you are going to have to lay down to get tattooed, you might want to bring along a favorite pillow or a blanket to be more comfortable.

Some people bring along a friend for support. Make sure to ask ahead of time to make sure your tattooist is ok with someone hanging out and watching, or even if they can sit with you and talk or hold your hand.