Things to take into consideration before making your tattoo appointment :


We strongly suggest that you work to refine your concept in advance. Do your research. Think about the style and design of tattoo you want and have a look for as many references and images as you can find. Search through the internet, books, magazines, websites. We can recommend many good websites, artists and books to guide you if you ask us. We also have lots of reference material in the studio. This will make it easier for one of our artists to translate your idea and create a unique piece of body art for you. Think about the size and placement of your tattoo; it can be crucial to how the tattoo enhances the area of your body. When you know what you want email us on or call in to the studio with your best ideas/images, whatever it takes to impart your notion. We are here to create top quality tattoo work and are more than happy to help and answer any questions that you have.


Smaller more simple designs can be discussed through email and you may not feel the need for a face to face consultation with the artist. For more complex designs, large pieces and sleeves you should book a consultation prior to your tattoo appointment to brainstorm and go through design ideas and artwork with the artist. You can book a consultation by calling the studio on 051-857757. After the consultation, when you are both ready you can make your appointment(s). Larger and complex pieces are likely to take a number of hours and subsequent sessions depending on each individual design, and can be impossible to estimate the exact time and cost it will take to complete the tattoo. The artist will often have to prepare sketches before the day of your appointment so it is best that you are both clear on the direction of envisioned tattoo to avoid wasting your time and theirs on the day.


As soon as you are both happy with the design, size and cost, the artist can tell you how much time you will need and you can make an appointment for your tattoo by calling the studio on 051-857757. We take appointments from Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 6pm. A deposit is then required to secure your appointment which can be paid by cash, cheque or Paypal and will be subtracted from the later cost of your tattoo. The deposit guards the artist in the event that you don't show up but only covers a fraction of the working time lost. So please do not stand us up to avoid disappointment on both sides. If you need to cancel, let us know at least 24 hours in advance and we can save your deposit for a suitable time in future. To pay by cheque/postal order please post to:

J.M.D's Body Art
57 O' Connell St.

Alternatively you can pay by credit card/ Paypal by clicking on the Pay Deposit button below.


The overall cost of your tattoo will depend on size, detail, simplicity, colour/black and grey. If the artist needs to spend a lot of time on re-drawing/ preparing sketches this can incur extra cost. Due to the varying nature of intricacy and difficulty of some tattoos we cannot give out estimates over the phone.


We do not maintain walk-in hours. This is to ensure that your visit is relaxing with out the hustle bustle of a booming retail establishment. This is good for the nerves and good for the creative process.

Your patience will earn you a stunning, hand-crafted, fine art tattoo.


A good, clear photograph is essential to obtain the best possible portrait tattoo. Professional black and white photographs work best, though most people have good cameras these days so it's not impossible to use a picture you've taken yourself. If the face is too tiny, in darkness, far away, partially obscured by an object or another person, in flat light, or if the photograph is bad quality or low resolution it won't be good enough to take a detailed stencil from for the portrait tattoo. The photograph should have full face including hair, tones and shadows in face (most effective if there is one light source on the face). Sometimes it is the photographs which have a little more character added to them, rather than a direct stare at the camera, that create the best portrait tattoo eg. hand to the face, slightly tilted/profile pose, ribbon in hair.

If you would like a portrait of person who has passed away and you don't have professional photographs, gather together as many good pictures of them as you can and the artist will tell you which one will work best for the tattoo. When you have your photographs ready email or call into the studio with your pictures. A portrait needs to be tattooed in one session which can take 4 - 6 hours depending on each individual.